College Guidance and Student Success Initiatives

Our guidance and college counseling professionals guide students through their high school journey beginning in Grade 9 by focusing on personal development and building an academic and extracurricular resume that reflects the strengths, passions, and ambitions of our students. Our dedicated teams assess student needs and capabilities and provide the resources to help them achieve success.

College counselors provide the necessary tools to prepare them for the application process, connect them with top-tier colleges and universities, and guide them through selecting the institution that is the best fit for their individual interests and achievements.

These efforts have proven successful. Our students are consistently accepted to the top universities in the country and awarded significant merit scholarships. Our 2023 graduates received over $37 million in merit-based scholarships and grants.

Your gift to the Crusader Fund is crucial to providing learning resources to our students and preparing our young men for their ambitions after Bergen Catholic.